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Are you trying to find the best local tyre repairs services? Are you situated in Five Docks searching for the nearest tyre repair shop?

Tyre problems are extremely frustrating and unsettling, especially when you have a deadline ahead of you. Tyre problems often occur when you least expect it and they often leave you stuck in the middle of the road seeking help from others.

Everyone needs an extra helping hand now and then, and that’s why we’re here for you.

Having a trusted ally like 5-star Tyres that will come through for all your Tyre Repair needs is ideal. 5-stars always has an easy, smart, and convenient way to repair your tyres. 

How do you know your tyre needs repairs?

Avoid risking permanent damage to your tyres, if you notice the air pressure is dropping give us a call ASAP. Early detection of a puncture is the best way to ensure the tyre can be repaired quickly and affordably. 

5-star tyres repair shop can fulfil all your tyre repair or replacement needs. Our professionals are fully trained, licensed to assess and repair flat tyres following all Australian safety regulations. 

Regardless of what prompted your tyre leaks, you can rely on 5-star Sydney tyre repair for a prompt response. In case your car tyres are damaged beyond repair, you can also buy tyres from our massive inventory spanning multiple brands and price segments.

If you’re situated in Sydney and need new quality tyres for your car, you’re in luck! Are you stuck on the road? Call us now and we will quickly bring a replacement tyre for any emergency.

We have a broad range of new and used tyres in Sydney that are suited for your driving needs! Feel free to look through our services to find your choice of tyres from the world’s leading brands. Our team is available 7 days every week. We can deliver, install and fit your tyres wherever you may be.

We are a locally run Australian firm with over 20 years of experience in this industry, offering our customers high-quality tyre products and services. 

Give us a call to understand more about our bookings and appointments.


Wherever you get stuck in Croydon, Ashfield, Wareemba, Canada Bay or surrounding areas and need the latest tyres & wheel alignment services, look no further than 5 Stars Tyre Shop! 

Our friendly and detailed specialists always meet your tyre repair needs for your car. Our expert technicians use superior fitting tools to quickly change your tyres for you, getting you back on the road quickly.

Our Sydney tyre & battery replacement service includes:

  • Wheel and Tyres packages
  • New and Used Tyres
  • Passesngers and 4×4 Tyres
  • Tyre service and repairs
  • Wheel alignment

To make things even more convenient, we’ll deduct your old tyres for you. Our nationwide fleet of tyre technicians are on Sydney streets and prepared to return to your aid. So if you require a Sydney Tyre repairs service, Contact us today!

Why 5-star tyres?

Best Prices, Great Quality: 5-star tyre shop strives to have the best quality tyres services at the best price. In choosing where to shop your tyres, quality cannot take second place, we make it our business to provide you with the best tyre deals at amazing prices. 

Family-owned, Family Friendly: Being a family-owned business means that we are your neighbours and we have upheld a reputation for premium service for the last 20 years within Five Docks and its environs in Sydney. 

Professional Service:  Whenever you want to change your Tyres, it pays to get them fitted and checked correctly by an expert. Not every Tyre problem can be solved by outright replacements. Our tyre specialists carry out a proper assessment before carrying out repairs to deliver long-lasting solutions as opposed to temporary fixes you can get from the roadside. 

Call us now to get a professional to examine your Tyres for a repair, replacement or tyre fitting in Five Docks Sydney.