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Getting a replacement set of tyres improves the performance of your automobile, caring for your safety and the safety of people on the road with you.

It’s important to take care of your tyres properly, so you’ll catch the signs that you simply might have to change them early and before they potentially harm you.

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A tyre must be thoroughly inspected before replacement or repairs. It is not advisable to opt for Sydney Tyre repair if there are signs of previous faulty repairs, deteriorating rubber, bulged tyres, or the tread depth is below the legal limit of 1.6mm. These conditions compromise the health and durability of your tyre and further attempts to repair them will attract more future repair costs. 

If you’re uncertain about tyre replacement or repairing your Tyre, give us a call or email us for a free consultation and we will recommend the best solution for you with the expertise of our tyre specialists.

We can only repair tyres that are street compliant. Thus, we will only conduct tyre repair in Sydney if the damage is within the central 3/4th of the tyre surface. If a tyre fails to meet the mandatory requirements of street compliance, we advise getting a tyre replacement service for maximum on-road safety.

How do 5-star Tyres approach Sydney tyre replacement?

As you will notice, our approach to tyre replacement follows a meticulous pattern and uses only Hi-Tech tools and equipment to make sure you receive the best tyre repair service.

When should you replace your Tyre?

It is normal for tyres to lose their grip and start to get weaker as they age. Tyres, although they have manufacturing dates, they do not have expiry dates. This means as a vehicle owner, you’d have to be wary of telling signs in your careful observation of your tyre’s performance.

How long exactly do you have to wait before replacing your Tyre?

The useful life of a tyre is not something that can be predicted accurately as a lot can influence it. Some of these factors include temperature and weather changes, differences in tyre pressure, high speeds, heavy braking and speed, rough roads and terrain, road debris, etc.

For safety measures, if your tyres have been in use for more than five (5) years, you should get them inspected once a year. You can also check the tyre replacement recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer, which you can find in your owner’s manual. 

If your tyres are more than ten (10) years old, even if they still look good, rubber deteriorates and cracks with age, so it’s best to replace them.

Why 5-star tyres?

Best Prices, Great Quality: 5-star tyre shop strives to have the best quality tyres services at the best price. In choosing where to shop your tyres, quality cannot take second place, we make it our business to provide you with the best tyre deals at amazing prices. 

Family-owned, Family Friendly: Being a family-owned business means that we are your neighbours and we have upheld a reputation for premium service for the last 20 years within Five Docks and its environs in Sydney. 

Professional Service:  Whenever you want to change your Tyres, it pays to get them fitted and checked correctly by an expert. Not every Tyre problem can be solved by outright replacements. Our tyre specialists carry out a proper assessment before carrying out repairs to deliver long-lasting solutions as opposed to temporary fixes you can get from the roadside. 

Call us now to get a professional to examine your Tyres for a repair, replacement or tyre fitting in Five Docks Sydney.