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Treadwear indicators are installed on all tyres. At some spots around the tyre, they are little blocks of rubber within the tread. These blocks move closer as the tyre wears and eventually become flush with the tyre’s surface. Because there is just 1.6mm of tread left at this point, the tyre is declared unroadworthy. Once the tread depth has dropped to roughly 2mm, it is recommended that a Tyre Replacement should be done.

A tread depth indicator is the simplest way to determine how much life is remaining in a tyre. These are provided free of charge by 5 Star Tyres, so if you’d like one, please call us at 8021 6676. Incorrect wheel alignment, damaged suspension, or under/over-inflated tyres can all cause uneven wear.

Inspect the whole contact surface of the tyre, particularly the outer edges, for uneven wear. Front-wheel-drive cars typically have more wear on the front tyres, so pay attention to the difference between front and rear wear. For both front and rear-wheel-drive cars, swapping tyre pairs from front to back at regular intervals is suggested, as long as the tyre size is the same on both ends.

Well Rounded Tyre Service

A tyre that has been on the car for more than five years will usually need to be replaced. Even if the tyre isn’t used or hasn’t been driven for a long time, it will deteriorate as the rubber loses its suppleness due to the drying out of fluids and lubricants. This is true for all of the vehicle’s tyres, including the spare. It’s also worth mentioning that in warmer areas, tyres wear more quickly.

It’s preferable to get all four tyres replaced. It’s recommended that all four tyres, including the spare, be replaced at the same time when they’re due for replacement. Mismatched tyres can affect the vehicle’s overall balance and grip on the road. It’s also worth noting if your vehicle’s tyres have a set rotating direction – many modern tyres are constructed in this way and must be fitted correctly.

It’s critical to replace the original tyres with a suitable size for your car’s safety. A change in tyre profile will impact the tyre’s rolling circumference, which may need changing rim size to maintain the original diameter.

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Trustworthy Local Tyre Repair

If your car requires tyres, wheels, or maintenance, your local 5 Star Tyres has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Check out the wheel, and tyre services we provide below. If your local tyre shop does not offer these services, please call us at 8021 6676 to talk with one of our representatives.

Tyre repairs, brand new tyres, used tyres, and more are all available at your local 5 Star Tyres. Call 5 Star Tyres to see what alternatives we have for you, whether you require a car, 4×4 or truck Tyre Repair/replacement.

7 Day Tyre Services

Do you require tyre services on a Sunday? Then make an appointment with your local 5 Star Tyres tyre experts. We provide tyre sales and fitting, tyre repairs, and other services. 5 Star Tyres have a large selection of all different tyres, tyre sizes and tyre brands to suit your needs. 

Are you prepared to have your tyres serviced? Or do you require service for another aspect of your vehicle? Whatever the case may be, you may seek experienced guidance and support at your local 5 Star Tyres.

5 Star Tyres is Australia’s largest independent and most trusted provider of tyres and wheels. Our services are competent and cost-effective; if you have any questions, please contact our pleasant team at 02 8021 6676. Waste no time and Contact Us now.