Signs When to Replace Your Tyres and How Often It Should Be

How long have you had your car?  Are you noticing some unusual vibrations, especially while driving on rough roads? Maybe it’s time for new tyres. Although improper wheel and tyre balance can cause your car to vibrate more than it should on uneven road surfaces, more often than not, issues with your tyre’s current condition can cause this. Uneven tyre wear, out of round tyres, separated tyre tread, and damaged wheels can cause your cars to vibrate. If they do, you might want to give your tyres a second look.

Most drivers might deny this but in comparison to their car paint or their car’s speakers and music players, they do not think much about the health of their tyres. It is one of the most overlooked parts of our vehicles despite playing a very integral role in the safety and performance of our cars.

Despite constantly maintaining tyre pressure, tyres suffer from wear and tear and are bound for replacement. But when is the right time to replace them?

The Importance of Tyre Replacement

Brand new tyre for cars can cost anywhere from $100 apiece to $700. It is a fair cost to be considered especially since they work very hard every time you go on the road. They carry the pressure that comes with the weight of your car, your passengers, and the friction that it creates against the road. 

As a driver and car owner, one should understand that the main reason why tyres require regular replacement is for safety and convenience. It can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and overall increase your car’s performance.

If you don’t change your car tyres on time, it can lead to safety risks or even accidents. If you don’t change them often enough, they can cause damage to your car’s suspension system which will only get worse with age.

What Are the Signs I Need a Tyre Replacement?

Ideally, car tyre replacement is due after every 40,000 to 100,000 kilometers or anywhere between four to six years. The more often you use your vehicles and the tougher your driving conditions are, the sooner you should be replacing your car tyres. How often you should change tyres is more often a case to case basis, there are signs that can help you determine, as a car owner, if your tyres are due for replacement. Here are some of the basic warning signs you should be looking into:

Newer cars bought after 2008 under 10,000 lbs feature tyre pressure monitoring systems and tyre warning lights. These systems are also known as low tyre pressure warning light systems. If you are constantly noticing that at least one of your tyres is constantly experiencing low pressure, you might want to have it checked by a mechanic to get to the root cause of the problem. Constant low pressure in your tyres can be indicative of a larger problem.

Your car tyres wear and tear twice or thrice than your actual car does. The best test to determine if your car tyres are due for replacement is to check the tread grooves of your wheels. If they are shallow, torn, or if it has a shallow depth around 1.5mm, you might have to consider replacing them.

Another reason to consider when replacing tyres is the age of your tyre. When was the last time that you bought them? Regardless of how deep their threads still are, vehicle manufacturers generally recommend replacing your tyres every six years even without visible wear and tear. Different manufacturers may require earlier or later replacement. It would be best to check with your tyre manufacturer the recommended replacement age for your tyre brand.

The sides of your tyres can be damaged. Cracks and holes may go unnoticed unless you go through a more thorough inspection. Crack tires are indications of future blowouts and should be addressed immediately. Uneven wear on one side of your tyres is also indicative of issues with your tyres. Tyres are either overinflated or under inflated causing one side to wear faster than the other. The best course of action for such issues is to change your tyres and have your car checked by a mechanic.

How Often Should I be Changing My Tyres?

As recommended by most tyre manufacturers, replacement is not due until six to ten years, depending on the tyre brand that your car has. However, due to damages and excessive use, car tyre replacement may be needed earlier than you thought. Tyre damage is one of the top reasons for premature tyre replacement.

What Are the Main Causes of Tyre Damage?

If you constantly expose your tyres to one of the major causes of tyre damage mentioned below, you are left with no choice but to replace your tyres earlier than you should.

The weight of your car and the load, while you drive, is carried by air inside your tyre and not the tyre itself. When there is less or too much pressure on your tyres, your tyres are working less efficiently than they should be, causing premature damage in the long run.

As your tyres move while you drive, they repeatedly deform and recover, generating a lot of energy in the process. As this energy is released, it builds up and makes your wheels more susceptible to cuts, wears, and structural fatigue as you drive. Working outside tyre specs, aggressive cornering, and harsh braking are just a few of the causes of heat build-up in tyres.

Vehicle maintenance is a very important factor to help your vehicles run efficiently, including your tyres. When your engine performs less than it should be, the more pressure your tyres have to endure. Issues like misalignment cause tread separation. Broken suspensions can cause irregular tread wear and leaks of fuel and oil damages to rubber and may shorten your tyre life. These three issues can be easily prevented if your vehicles regularly undergo maintenance.

I Need New Tires

After finally seeing the warning signs and admitting the lack of proper maintenance for your car and your tyres, you have finally realized that you need to buy new tyres for your car. Make your purchase as easy and as simple as possible with 5 Star Tyres.  

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